Hey there! My name is Mohini and I am so thrilled that you stopped by 🙂

Until last year, my life revolved around my career in consulting. By conventional standards, I was doing pretty well. I had worked very hard to be where I was but there was also a nagging realization of not leading a life that I had hoped for. A definite sense that something was missing and that I needed to course-correct. That’ when, and as cliche as it may sound, I embarked on my journey to smell the proverbial roses.

Among the many things that I want to accomplish on this break, one is to hone my writing and expression. And that’s where this blog comes into the picture; a place to document my journey. I am hoping that you will enjoy reading it and that it will also encourage me to stay on track. Let’s see where this goes!

Why Zen and Zany?

Because I think (and people who know me agree that)  I am a healthy mix of both. The public persona is mostly zen but the more one knows me, the zany reveals itself.

It doesn’t take much for me to be happy. I am easily pleased with little things like a cup of hot chocolate, an idli sambar meal, roaming around in flea markets or a good massage.